Renewal Error - iOS Sandbox

  • 6 July 2023
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I have an App with only one subscription of 3 Months and 7-days of free trial.

I made a purchase of that subscription, the free trial expired and the purchase was done.

I canceled the subscription, and now I want to try to buy the subscription again, I’m getting an error from RevenueCat.



error: domain: “RevenueCat.ErrorCode” - code: 16.


I can’t complete the purchase due this error.

I also see this error in RC dashboard.


Does any one idea of what is happening?

1 reply

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Hey @jhonnatan-29b12e,

When you opt out of renewal for a subscription, you get a cancellation event but the actual subscription itself will continue until the expiration date - what would have been when it would renew. Is it possible that you were trying to start a new subscription while the subscription was still active, canceled but not yet expired? 

The events that you see in the dashboard aren’t errors, just updates to the customer history letting you know what is going on with the user’s subscription. In the sandbox, this is all accelerated. The first event is letting you know that the user opted out of renewal and cancelled the subscription, the second event is letting you know that access to the subscription has expired - you can see that there is a time difference here.