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  • 22 February 2022
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We regularly offer Promotional Entitlements to users, but they sometimes don’t work, particularly on iOS. We ask people to refresh their status through opening their pro page and killing and restarting their app. I can’t reproduce it on my phone. Are there some known bugs around Promotional Entitlements?


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2 replies

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Hey @Matthieu Rouif


There aren’t known bugs around this, but I think your customers might be getting a cached value. 

For these cases, where a purchase might have happened outside of the app, but the user already has the app open, you can call invalidatePurchaserInfoCache and then try to get purchaserInfo again. 


That will ensure that your users don’t get a cached value. 


The ideal implementation of this is to send an invisible push notification to your app after granting a promotional purchase to your user, and then force-refresh the cache when that specific notification is received by your app. 


Doing that would automatically refresh entitlements without any user action involved. 


Hope this helps! 



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Hi Andy,


Promotional entitlements are no longer working for our users. Has something changed? Running the app in debug mode and checking the entitlements shows none, despite having given myself a promotional entitlement. I’ve tripled checked the user ID is the same, delete user and retried, and so on.

Invalidating the user cache made no difference.

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flutter: EntitlementInfos(all: {}, active: {})