Project vs App?

  • 6 August 2022
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Since you can have multiple apps inside one project, I’m wondering what the structure should look like?

If I have two different apps, one game “Fighter”, and another unrelated app “MySocial”.

Do I make these under the same project, or do I put them in seperate projects? Is the multiple-app thing meant for iOS & Android version of the same app?

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Hi @Jocko 


Multiple apps can be used for iOS and Android version of the same app, and they can also be used to provide shared subscriptions across apps.

For example, if you have a “pro” entitlement in two apps in the same project, when a user purchases “pro” in one app, they’ll also get “pro” in the other one. 


One typical scenario is that you want to share subscriptions across Android and iOS versions of the same app, but you don’t want to share the subscription for different apps. In this case, you’d have one project per app, each having an iOS and Android variant of the same app. 


But if you want to share subscriptions for both apps, you can put them all under the same project.