Paywall behaviour for Android when there are Multiple Offers under a base plan.

  • 18 January 2024
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I am thinking of implementing Paywall in my flutter project for Android, I have gone through the Documentation already.
My question is, how will my paywall behave, when i have multiple offers under a single base plan in play console , and a user is eligible for all offers, which offer they will see, also what happens when there are multiple base plans as well.

Is there a way in Paywall to load a particular offer while creating a paywall.

1 reply

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Hi @doctunes-4241e9,

In the "Package" section of the template customization, you can add a description of the terms of your subscription for when users are eligible for multiple Offers, using variables. There's a field in the "Call to Action" section for multiple offers as well. Regarding multiple base plans and multiple offers, users will see all that they are currently eligible for - any customization to see only a certain offer of those would need to take place outside of Paywalls.