No offer id for new Google Play products in Segment events

  • 16 August 2023
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Hi there,

It looks like in events sent to Segment the product_id for new Google Play subscription products is the <subscription id>:<base_plan_id>, however it doesn’t give any details about which offer the user purchased. Would it be possible to either get an additional offer_id field on the event, or change the product_id to also include the offer id, e.g. <subscription id>:<base_plan_id>:<offer_id>.



2 replies

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Hey Lydia, 


While we don't have a concrete roadmap or ETA yet, this is now on our backlog and we look forward to hopefully supporting it in the future. I'll go ahead and pass along your request to the team- let me know if I can help with anything else in the mean time!

Hi Michael, how’s it looking with this feature?

Currently we are unable to use RevenueCat’s offering options on Android at all - since Google Play Billing version 5, you no longer create multiple products for special offers, such as discounts, but rather have a single product with multiple “offers”. However, RevenueCat only allows you to pick a product for an offering, not it’s Google “offer” (or “option” as you call it), and then determines the offered option based on an algorithm, which is explained nicely, but plainly put, useless. We need to be able to set any specific RevenueCat offering to use a set product and a set option/offer. Otherwise there is no way to leverage RevenueCat’s offerings, paywalls etc., which makes the service significantly less useful and valuable.