No entitlements after successful purchases

  • 6 November 2023
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We've discovered a very strange case in our app.

Here's what we do:

  • Our mobile app makes a purchase and sends a base64-encoded receipt file to our server.
  • We send it to the /v1/receipt endpoint.
  • We check the entitlements that are returned in the response, and we also respond to events from RevenueCat to manage access to our service.

For some users, the following has occurred (user #1, user #2):

  • /v1/receipt returned empty entitlements.
  • No events from RevenueCat for this user have come in.
  • However, Apple sends the correct event SUBSCRIBED.INITIAL_BUY:
"notificationType": "SUBSCRIBED",
"subtype": "INITIAL_BUY",
"data": {
"signedTransactionInfo": {
"originalTransactionId": "$txId",
"signedRenewalInfo": {
"originalTransactionId": "$txId",
"status": 1
"version": "2.0",
"signedDate": 1698842056024

After investigating the situation, we found that the problem was with the receipts files we got. Here are the differences we found:

  • If we use the deprecated verifyReceipt, the responseBody contains no information about the purchase: latest_receipt_infolatest_receipt are missing, receipt.in_app is empty.
"receipt": {
"receipt_type": "Production",
"in_app": []
"environment": "Production",
"status": 0

What can we do about this? Even if we handle such cases on our side, how can we add such users to RevenueCat? Currently, events from Apple for such users are not being processed in RevenueCat.

2 replies

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Hey @whisk-developer!

This is definitely very interesting - I’d love to investigate further to see if we can figure out what’s going on.

Can you open a ticket in our dashboard, so we can get some more information and context about your app as well as example users?

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Hi @cody,

we already have a zendesk ticket

I bet id32526 is the ticket ID  


Whisk Team