Missing RENEWAL event in customer history

  • 3 April 2022
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Hello there,

I’ve recently saw something quite odd happening, I’ve checked an user and their subscription was renewing the the future, meaning active subscription, but the customer history’s last event were only BILLING_ERROR. You can see it right below:


I’ve managed to find the missing webhook sent by the RENEWAL event, but it is still missing in the customer history. The missing event is right below:

What can I do or what can be done to correctly display the events in the customer history?

1 reply

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Hey @Bernardo 

This could be due to how our events are ordered in the dashboard. When taking a look at the Customer History timeline, the purchase dates are ordered by when the app stores tell us when it happened. Any cancellation type events are ordered based on when RevenueCat detected it. In that 2nd screenshot, was that associated with the “Renewed their subscription of X” event from the timeline?