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  • 27 January 2024
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Im using the the new Paywall UI library for react native. I have created a paywall with a Spanish localized version. However, when testing the app on iOS with the default language set to Spanish I get the default paywall in English. 
I have not yet tested this on Android. 

Im using react native purchases and purchases-ui 7.16.1 and expo sdk 49

7 replies

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Hey !


To test purchases in different regions, you will need to set your sandbox user's App Store Country or Region property to the territory you'd like to test. Can you please ensure that this is changed rather than just the language, then let me know if that helps? 

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Hi @Michael Fogel ,

I have the same problem. The user is from Brazil, but the paywall shown was in the English version.
Furthermore, the dashboard shows that the user is from Brazil.

"react-native": "0.69.3",
"react-native-purchases": "7.15.0",
"react-native-purchases-ui": "7.15.0",

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Hey @app-g13bjj-d372f5 ,


Do you have a localization for Brail set on your paywall? 

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Hi @Michael Fogel ! Yes, I have!


Its very stranger, because the value is shown in according with the localization of the user, but the text, not.

One question: is the localization in according with store's country or device settings?

Another question, is it possible to set manually the localization of the paywall, before to show in the app?

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I have the same issue.

“expo”: “49.0.17”,
"react-native": "0.72.6",
"react-native-purchases": "7.21.0",
"react-native-purchases-ui": "7.21.0",


Although both the user’s App Store country is Turkey and phone language is Turkish, the paywall is shown in English. Any help is appreciated @Michael Fogel 


@app-g13bjj-d372f5 any luck?

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@chember no :(


In the Android app everything is fine. But on iOS, no.

I released it this way because I no longer had time to wait for the solution. But I really need to get this fix into production asap 😖

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Hey @app-g13bjj-d372f5 !


Quick update, we are looking into this. Can you please let me know what Locale.current.identifier is currently set to when you are experiencing this? Also, can you please update to latest version of the react-native SDK as we have recently released a fix relating to locales in paywalls?