Localising String with Trial Period in it

  • 12 July 2023
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So I’m having trouble to translate the string. 

"%@ Free. No payment now" = "%@ Free. No payment now";

%@ - represents 1 Week, that is coming back to RC. 

The issue is that I wish that word ‘week’ would be included into the string.

example: "%@ Week Free. No payment now" = "%@ Free. No payment now";

Since translating into Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German - it depends on the language where the word Week is. It might not necessarily be right away after the ‘1’. 

What is the best way to handle this? 

2 replies

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Hey @appsdev-hyper,

A little more information could be helpful - where are you pulling the string from originally?

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So the part of the string comes from StoreKit. The part that includes the Trial period. 

The other part comes from me (static) - No payment now. 

It’s a similar issue like here: