Issue with Google Real-Time Developer Notifications in Latest Release

  • 21 February 2024
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I am currently using RevenueCat in my Flutter app, which has been successfully released on both the Apple Store and Google Play. In-app purchases are functioning correctly on both platforms, and there are no issues with the latest releases.

However, I am facing a challenge exclusively with the Android version: specifically, the configuration of the "Google Real-Time Developer Notifications". Although all other setup steps have been completed successfully and validated, I encounter an error when attempting to complete this final step.

Attached are the necessary screenshots from the RevenueCat dashboard, confirming that all steps preceding this one have been completed without issue, and from the Google Play Console, highlighting the error encountered during the test notification process.

Your assistance in resolving this specific issue would be greatly appreciated. I have been blocked on this issue for a few days now.





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Hey @azaza-farid-649873 !


Here are some things to check over that will help ensure that things are set up correctly so you can send test notifications properly. Can you please verify the following?

In Google Cloud:

  •  I have enabled the Pub/Sub API for the same project I created service credentials with

In RevenueCat:

  •  I have chosen either an existing Pub/Sub Topic ID or created a new one
  •  I have clicked 'Connect to Google'
  •  I have copied the topic ID that generated after connecting

In Google Play:

  •  Under 'Monetize', in 'Monetization Setup', I pasted the topic ID
  •  I have saved changes and did not see any errors
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orking now. For anyone facing this issue:

  1. Create a new topic named Play-Store-Notifications-2.
  2. Open the Google Cloud Platform.
  3. Navigate to Pub/Sub.
  4. On the right side, under 'PERMISSIONS':
  5. Click the 'ADD PRINCIPAL' button.
  6. Paste the full name:
  7. Under 'Assign Role', select 'Pub/Sub Publisher'.
  8. Save.

Back in the Google Play Console, update your Monetization setup and test the real-time developer notifications again with the new topic: projects/{project_id}/topics/Play-Store-Notifications-2.

@Michael Fogel  is the user with Pub/Sub Publisher role mentioned somewhere in RevenueCat documentation? Because I don’t think real-time notifications can work without this.