Issue when removing product from project

  • 29 February 2024
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I am struggling to fix issues with RC regarding revenues from consumable IAPs (iOS).

Thus rather than have those products tracked within RC I wish to remove these specific products from my projects whilst leaving other products (my subscriptions etc) intact.

However, when I attempt to remove the product from the project I receive the message, “There are transactions in the system using this product.” and the product remains in my project.

The products I am trying to delete are not associated with any entitlements or offerings and stand alone as single use consumable products. 

Can anybody suggest anything here please?


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2 replies

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Hi, this warning shows up because there are users that have purchased this product so you cannot delete it. If you want to delete this product, you will need to delete those RevenueCat app user ids and once you delete the product you can then re-create them via our API and have them restore purchases.

See our documentation here for more details:

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What would be over 20,000 unique ids, so no. 
Sounds easier than to find new provider…