Is my app required to have a subscription management screen?

  • 21 April 2022
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My app is available both on iOS and Android platforms, which means some of my users will be purchasing subscriptions on App Store and other users will be purchasing subscriptions on Google Play.

RevenueCat’s documentation states the following in section “Sharing Subscriptions Across Apps and Platforms”

Managing Subscriptions

A user can only manage their subscription on the platform it was purchased from.


My doubt is: can I just redirect the user to either Google Play or App Store for him to manage his subscription at these stores manually? Or is it a requirement that my app should have a subscription management screen which allows the user to manage his subscription (downgrade, upgrade, cancel) from inside my app?

I understand it would be much more user-friendly to allow the user to manage his subscription from inside the app, but I want to avoid as much implementation as possible for the first versions of my app, so that I can focus more on the required things and less on the improvements, which I can do better and with more time later.


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Hey @UlyssesAlves!

You don’t need to include a custom subscription management screen - many apps opt to direct customers to the stores to manage their subscriptions.

We include a `managementURL` property in CustomerInfo too, to make it easier to forward your customers to the appropriate store: