iOS free trial not working, the user is charged immediately

  • 9 December 2021
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Hello guys,

This is my first app with in-app purchase (monthly and annual subscriptions) and first time I use RevenueCat.

Platform: iOS, SwiftUI, Xcode 13.1

Purchases version: 3.13.0

My suggestions:

  1. I have successfully setup free trials in App Store Connect, but I did that few days later after connecting App Store and Revenue Cat product and entitlements. I suppose that might be the reason. What is the best way to correct the situation? If this is the case?
  2. I have used my device during tests before publishing the app in the App Store and now when I use this device with real app it may “remember” it and thus decide that I’m Not eligible for trial or introductory price. Or the device does not matter and Account ID matters? I used test accounts in App Store connect.

Please advise where to start and how to check it properly. I’d appreciate any suggestions

Thank you!


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Hey @Oleh Titov! Happy to help here.

Our SDK will fetch the latest products from Apple on app launch, so it shouldn’t make a difference if you change the product later after the setup - in fact, that’s one of the benefits! You can edit products on the fly, and the SDK will pick up on it once Apple propagates the changes.

It sounds like in this case, you might not be eligible for that product’s introductory price, so you might want to try a different product. Ultimately, Apple automatically applies introductory prices, so we don’t have any insight into why the system sheet might not apply the trial (apart from changes propagating, or already redeeming an introductory price from that Apple ID).

I’d recommend trying a new sandbox account and seeing if that works with those existing products, or trying to create a new product you haven’t yet purchased and adding an introductory price.