Integration of RevenueCat for dynamic online product creation

  • 15 October 2023
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I'm currently working on an application project with FlutterFlow and would like to ask for your advice and expertise. The aim of my application is to enable users to create online training courses, while other users will be able to subscribe and pay monthly for access to these courses.

However, I'm facing a major challenge. I'm looking to see if it's possible to implement a feature that allows users to dynamically create products on the RevenueCat platform. RevenueCat is mainly used to manage subscriptions and revenues in mobile applications, but it doesn't seem to offer any functionality to allow users to dynamically create products or training courses.

So, I'd like to gather your knowledge and experience in this area. Have you already worked on a similar project, or do you have any ideas on how to handle this functionality? Are there alternatives to RevenueCat that could meet this need? I'm open to any suggestions, ideas or advice you may have.

Thank you for your help. Your knowledge will be of great value to me and my project.

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Happy to help here. So all the in-app purchases we handle go through the app stores, meaning you need to setup the IAPs in App Store Connect and Google Play Console. There’s currently no way to do that dynamically, unfortunately.

We can support a concept like Team Subscriptions that may be related to your use case. We don’t know how exactly FlutterFlow implements our SDK, so unfortunately I can’t give technical guidance for setting this up in a no-code app.