In app purchases consumable and non consumable

  • 14 April 2024
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Hi there,

I am using flutter to build my app and I have been using the Revenue Cat paywall functionality for making purchases.

I have both consumable and non-consumable in app purchases. I am currently testing using the Google Play store. My products are set up like this:
Consumables do not have entitlements, non consumables do have entitlements. I have an offering that contains several consumable options and I have separate offerings for each non-consumable option. I present these to purchase using Revenue Cats paywalls.

The issue I am having is that once a purchase has been made, it cannot be made again. This is expected for the non-consumables that have entitlements, but how do I allow the consumables to be purchased over and over again?

The documentation states that on the Google Play store purchases are consumed by Revenue Cat immediately but that doesn’t appear to be what is happening. 


Can someone help point me in the right direction?



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2 replies

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We do consume IAPs automatically, so this is unexpected. Can you post the debug logs/error message you get when a user tries to purchase a consumable again?


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Hi Ryan,

I can actually see that its being consumed. However when the user tries to purchase again I am getting this error:
D/RevenueCatUI( 7569): Ignoring purchase request for already subscribed package


Which is strange as the product is not a subscription as you can see from the google play store configuration:


I do have a subscription but created but it is not being used at the moment.


Do you have any insights?