in App Purchase fails ONLY in apple review

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Need urgent help with in app purchase. It fails only in apple’s app review where the cursor spins indefinitely.On Sandbox it works perfectly fine.

My app got rejected 5 times of which only once it worked in review amd the team was able to log in to my app after successful subscription.

Looking for help from people who already solved this . All 

appeals we did have failed so far. We even uploaded video from Sandbox.

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Hi there,

I am sorry that you are experiencing these difficulties.
Unfortunately, Apple’s sandbox environment is notoriously flaky - there are regular outages and sometimes purchases can get hung up in their system. Most of the time this error is due to sandbox downtime, but you can read about all the causes for this error in our guide on error handling here:
Even worse is that Apple’s reviewers use this unstable environment for App Review, which can cause issues when the reviewer tests in-app purchases like subscriptions. Our recommendation is doing some of these things in order to speed up the process:

  • Include a video of it working in sandbox and testflight in the review to the App Store,
  • Try creating a new product
    • We have seen reports of this working and causing Apple to speed up the process/review.

Since you’ve already created and sent the video, hoping creating a new product will help you.


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Thank you so much for your response. Fortunately, Our issue got resolved finally. It started working in their environment and our app got approved.