How would I design user-sensitive pricing?

  • 24 October 2023
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Assume I have montlhly and annual subscriptions that unlock some features. I want to charge some users more for the same subscription based on some user data. What would be a good setup for this to work with both app stores? Basically one user could pay more for the exact same features as another user. 

5 replies

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Hi, for this you’d want to have a different offering with products at higher prices. So you’d want to create the products in App Store Connect/Google Play Console with higher prices and then attach those to different offerings that you can then display to those specific users.

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thank you. I was just confused by the current property on the offering (not too sure where to use that) but yes multiple offers sounds good to me. as far as the App Store Connect/Google Play Console, where would I add those there since to the user I’d like it to look like the same offer/product just the price is different internally. Would the reviewer on the app store reject two essentially same products with different prices? 

for App store i see they suggest everything in one subscription group but on play Store it might be just a different base plan.. Or any combination works fine as long as revenue cat setup is possible with offerings..

here is a summary of what I have (2 subscription levels with periods but for 2 kinds of users):

what would you suggest best way to do this and connect it to a user in the app?

thank you

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Hi @Haley Pace , I was able to follow your suggestion. thank you. I created two products with higher and lower prices. The product names are the same to the user. Just that some should get charged more than others depending on where they come from.

This results in having multiple subscription with the same name in the iOS subscription screen. Is this normal or expected? Would the user get confused and what if they accidentally “upgrade” to the same product with a different price?

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Hi, glad to hear that it worked! The user should be able to see the price when subscribing, but if you wanted to change the display for this you could do so either by changing the display name in App Store Connect or if you are using our paywalls by adding a descriptive string or some other way of identifying between the products:


You could also change which offering to display to the user based on what they subscribe to. You can have different offerings that omit the product the user just subscribed to in order to prevent upgrading to the same product with a different price, and you would display this other offering once the user has purchased the subscription and then when it expires change the displayed offering again. 

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Thank you @Haley Pace  for the reply, but I am not having issues displaying offers. My issue is to what happens when the user leaves the app and goes into the iOS and looks at available subscriptions.

In App Store Connect I have two subscriptions: “Premium 6 months (1)” and “Premium 6 months (2)” but with different prices but their localization both show “Premium 6 months” since it’s the same product just one is more expensive. The offerings are working fine and I am able to show the right one to the right user.

But the user can go into Settings → Subscriptions (where they can cancel) and see all the subscriptions there and now the see 2 items for “Premium 6 months” with different prices. That is confusing and they can easily upgrade to the more expensive one or vice-versa.

Also, will apple reviewer not even approved this?