How do I grant free access to some users?

  • 19 July 2021
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I am looking to give all of our company staff a free ‘upgrade’ to our paid plan.

I see in the docs about ‘granting entitlements’, but only users who have paid show up, so can be granted entitlements.  Is there a way to see all app users to grant entitlements to our staff?


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Hey Justin!


There are a few options you can go here, all require some way to get the app user ID to grant the RevenueCat Promotional

  • Use RevenueCat’s customer lists to create a custom list with the following filter `First Purchase Date is null`. This will find you customers that have not purchased before. Note that customer lists are refreshed every hour.
  • If you have an email login, you can attach the email as a subscriber attribute to the app user ID. You will be able to search for the customer through their email on the RevenueCat dashboard. Documentation for reference: 
  • Some apps expose the app user ID through the settings page for support purposes. This is okay to do as long as other app user IDs cannot be guessable (e.g: no sequential IDs) for security purposes. You would have your staff share the ID they see in the app to gain free access.