Grey screen when try to launch Paywall

  • 1 June 2023
  • 4 replies

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In my test track Android app, Every time I try for initiate the process of purchase I have a grey screen with no text or indication of what is happening. I cant execute a test purchase at all. Can someone help me?

The image shows the status of my project.


4 replies

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Hi Manuel,

Can you post debug logs? That’ll help narrow down if it’s a RevenueCat error or not


HI there! I am facing the same problem. The moment I click on any link, it appears. It’s like it has a gray square on top of the flutterflow revenueCat component.

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Hello! Can someone help me. I integrated RevenueCat with FlutterFlow and on the iPhone from the gray screen in the signature. On Android it works fine.

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UPDATE: Here's how I fixed the grey screen issue.

  1. My app was in production with all the products configured.
  2. I deleted the old RevenueCat project that was causing the grey screen.
  3. I created a new RevenueCat project.

The grey screen was gone.