Google Play - How to add yearly subscription plan to exsiting monthly subscription plan

  • 10 January 2024
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Apologies if this post isn't directly related to RevenueCat. I'm aware that this community is highly interested in matters related to Google Billing, so I'd like to seek your valuable input on the following topic.

Ever since the introduction of Google Play Billing Library 5, a concept of a 'base plan' has been included in Subscriptions.

A single subscription can have multiple base plans. These base plans can be set up for either monthly or yearly billing.

Currently, we have an existing monthly subscription plan.

If we want to introduce a yearly subscription plan, here's what we need to consider.

  1. "Add base plan" in existing subscription plan.
  2. Use ProductDetails to perform subscription.


However, our legacy code haven't adopted ProductDetails. We are still using legacy SkuDetails

I was wondering, is it OK for us to

  1. Add a completely new subscription plan for the yearly plan.
  2. Continue to use legacy SkuDetails to perform subscription.

Is there any shortcoming, or pitfall for doing so?


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