Free trial of Amazon subscription does not seem to be recognized by RevenueCat

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I am taking an app implemented in Flutter from iOS and Android to Amazon Appstore. It seems to work also on Amazon apart from that Revenuecat does not recognize when I offer a free trial in the beginning of a subscription on Amazon. (On Google Play and Apple App Store it works without problem.) And I know that there indeed is a free trial enabled, because when I click the subscription the Amazon window tells me so too.

Please make sure that RevenueCat do recognize free trials on subscriptions on Amazon when using Flutter.

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Hey @Björn!

Sorry you’re having trouble here! Could you try submitting a ticket from our dashboard so that we can take a look at this specific transaction? Be sure to mention the user ID, as well as this post so we already have some context 😃

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@Björn Hey! I _think_ this should be fixed in Flutter v5 (which is currently in beta).

I have a pull request that added support for this here - This pull request is in the native Android SDK v6 which will get used in Flutter v5 when that gets released. 

I’m hoping to get this new Flutter version out in the next week or two so this should be fixed for you then!

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Sounds good @joshdholtz, I look forward to the new release!