[Flutter] Wrong prices on iOS App Store in Spain

  • 1 October 2021
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Hi folks.

I’m developing a iOS Flutter app that is available, among others, in USA and Spain.


I’m having correct/incorrect prices on my Consumable purchases depending on the Region


The long story: 

I have a paywall for my PRO subscription that it’s working well, showing the same prices I’m configuring in the App Store Connect UI for the different subscription options (depending on subscription duration). AFAIK this is true for all regions I’ve tested.

But now I’m developing a new paywall with three consumable purchases that essentially represents bulk PRO license packages (25 PRO licenses, 50 PRO licenses and so on).

The main issue here is that when I’m showing the new paywall using Spain region (the main one) the configured prices doesn’t corresponds to the ones configured in App Store Connect. More precisely, all prices are incremented by a nearly ~10% percent. The currency (EUR) looks good.

But the same code & config on the iOS simulator (an “stock” iPhone 13 with iOS 15, I haven’t configured anything about StoreKit) shows the USA version paywall with expected prices, matching 1-1 the ones that I’ve configured in App Store Connect.

Does anyone have ever had any similar issues with App Store? I’ve opened a support ticket in Apple but they takes forever to solve it and I haven’t had any feedback yet.


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Hey @Enrique Cardona!

Our SDK pulls the prices directly from what Apple sends for the product, so it’s possible that if you have recently changed prices then it hasn’t had time to propagate.

Also, if you’re testing in sandbox mode, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for things to not work exactly like it would it production. Apple’s non-production environments are notoriously unreliable, and we’ve even seen cases of TestFlight builds only returning US prices even if the region is different on-device. 

I wouldn’t expect this to persist into production- especially once the system in-app purchase sheet is presented, it should reflect the expected prices for that region. I’d recommend testing the purchase flow itself, making sure that the purchases are being processed correctly.

Does that make sense?