Does play store console or revenueCat sends notification on IAP (Consumable) to developer?

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If yes do I need to configure it somewhere in Play Store Console ? 

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Hey @Abhijeet ,


I am not completely sure what you mean by sending notifications on consumable purchases, but we do support consumable and non-subscription purchases as well as handle the tracking of these purchases.


We have the following document which provides more information on this topic:

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Thanks @Michael Fogel 

Sorry for not being very clear.

I will explain it, so whenever someone writes a review for my google app, Google play console sends an email to me.

In same way, what happens if someone purchase consumable in production? 

Note: I have already configured revenueCat for consumable. 

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Hello @Abhijeet ,


If someone purchases you consumable, they might be emailed, you as the developer wouldn't get the email though. You can listen to our webhooks to be notified or pub/sub notifications!