Do I need one service account for every app?

  • 27 September 2021
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I am already using revenuecat with Google Play for one app. Now I am going to release a second one that also has inapp products.
Do I need do create a second service account in Google Play? ( 2.) 

2. Create Service Account

Next we need to create a service account. This is done from the Google API Console.


2a. Select Create Service Account

Or can I use the one I created for my first app also for the second one?

There is no guidance whatsoever if you have several apps and the whole pricess seems very complicated at first glance. I don’t want to break anything in my actively selling app.


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3 replies

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If you’ve already created service credentials for your first app, you don’t need to create new service credentials for your second app. Instead, skip to Step 3d to add the app permissions for the second app. You can test both the second and first apps in sandbox to ensure it’s all set up correctly (although it can take several hours for your second app to use the service credentials.) The first app will be unaffected if you’re just adding a second app to the service credentials.

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@sharif  Can you add this information to the setup documentation to make this clear.  And there is no Step 3d, please update the docs. Thanks.