Configure package with 2 products (1 platform)

  • 26 August 2021
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Hi guys! I do subscriptions for my app. A have 2 entitlements (Standard, Premium). And I have 3 periods for every entitlement (1 month, 6 month, 1 year). There are 6 products at all. As I understand, a can't use default packages for this, and I need to create custom package for every product? For example: place “1 month standard” and “1 month advanced” in to default MONTHLY package. Because now, I created 6 custom packages. Am I doing everything right? Can you give me some details about this please.


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Hey @Dmitry! 👋

You might want to consider creating two separate Offerings for this use-case- one for Standard and one for Premium, then referencing each by their identifier from the getOfferings method.

You can then display each however you need, for example by combining them into a single paywall. This setup would also allow you to easily display separate paywalls for your tiers at different points in your app lifecycle (like if someone is already subscribed to Standard, and you want to show them a paywall only for Premium).

Otherwise, you’ll need to rely on the custom package identifiers as a default identifier (like monthly) can only be used once.