Changes in revoking entitlements

  • 25 June 2024
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Some of the mobile developers on my team informed me that there has been a change in the way that promotional (rc_promo) subscriptions and entitlements are revoked. Previously, the revoke entitlement endpoint would remove the entitlement and the subscription that would appear in the get_customer API call. Now, it appears that the expiration date is modified, and the entitlement is no longer removed.

Is there currently a way to ensure the entitlement is fully purged as it was previously, or is this a permanent record that will stay associated with a customer indefinitely?

Additionally, is there a developer-focused newsletter or communication channel that I can subscribe to in order to stay informed about such changes before they occur?

'premium' => array ( 'expires_date' => '2224-05-08T14:40:11Z', 'grace_period_expires_date' => NULL, 'product_identifier' => 'rc_promo_premium_lifetime', 'purchase_date' => '2024-06-25T14:40:11Z', ), 'premium' => array ( 'expires_date' => '2024-06-25T14:40:33Z', 'grace_period_expires_date' => NULL, 'product_identifier' => 'rc_promo_premium_lifetime', 'purchase_date' => '2024-06-25T14:40:11Z', ),

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Hi @Michael Callahan,

Yes that is correct, we made a change to no longer delete promotional entitlements from customer histories when they are revoked, and instead change the expiration date to the date and time when they were revoked.

The expiration date of the entitlement should match the expiration date of the promotional entitlement. If it doesn’t, then that’s a bug which you can report by opening a support ticket and mentioning me.