Cannot read property 'productIdentifier' of undefined

  • 23 January 2024
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I have seen this error sometimes:

Cannot read property 'productIdentifier' of undefined

Why would RevenueCat have an incomplete response when: const info = await Purchases.getCustomerInfo();

Then I access by:


This only seems to be in production, of course.

2 replies

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Hey @lucksp !


Are you able to reproduce this? It could be internet related or something causing an interruption, but if you are able to debug this can you please create a support ticket so we can look further into what might be happening here? 


Ticket form:


We look forward to helping! 

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I can’t replicate it, but I had seen this error surprising amount in my BugSnag reporting:



It does seem like it’s related to AppState change of inactive/active...but there is connectivity always it seems in terms of WiFi or Mobile Network.

I put optional chaining on all the RevenueCat results…


I do have my logs for you set to Debug, so i hope they can find something when I submit the support request.