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  • 19 August 2021
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how can I cancel an Apple subscription for existing users? We are switching to free business model and I need to do it somehow. what is the easiest way?


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Unlike Google, it’s impossible for the developer to cancel a user’s Apple subscription. The user needs to go to their settings and cancel the subscription themselves or call Apple customer support. To assist the user you can include a link to the subscription settings screen in your app using the managementURL in the purchaserInfo object. The user can easily open the link and cancel their subscription.

If you truly are phasing out a subscription and want to cancel all users’ existing subscriptions, then you can remove the subscription from sale in App Store Connect. This will prevent users from purchasing the subscription and will prevent existing subscribers from renewing.

You can use a combination of the two methods. First, alert your users that you’re phasing out subscriptions and give them a chance to cancel by using the managementURL link. After enough time has passed, remove the subscription from sale.