AppUserID used in login() is different from the actual AppUserID in the purchased record in RC

  • 29 January 2024
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This is very strange and I can’t believe it happened. I am testing a purchase with AppUserID 56 as shown in the log file below (indicated as /v1/subscribers/56/offerings).


I made a purchase and got a message indicating that “There is already another active subscriber using the same receipt” (as shown below).


When I check RC dashboard, it shows that the purchase is made by AppUserID 14, shown below.


I am using purchases_flutter plugin and using the login() function upon user login. I supposed the login() function will set the current user of Revenuecat and thereafter the purchase made should be belonging to the ID passed in to the login() function. How can user 56 turn out to be user 14?

I hope someone out there can help me. Thank you.

1 reply

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Hey @bacabuku-e6ed72 !


This is most likely happening because you are using the “Keep with original app user ID” setting for restore purchases which will return an error if the App User ID attempting to restore purchase or make a new purchase is different from the original App User ID that made the purchase. This requires customers to sign in with their original App User ID, and is only allowed for apps that require every customer to create an account before purchasing.


These are likely two different app user ID’s on the same device (different accounts) but since your restore behavior is to block a transfer, then the subscription and receipt is only tied to the original user ID that was logged in when it was purchased. 


Is user 14 possibly a test user that you were using?