Apple finance team delayed by 2 months, what to do?

  • 29 March 2023
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RC Community I need your help. 

For 2 months we have not gotten paid from Apple. We are talking 6 figures in USD!  

This SIGNIFICANTLY affects our cashflow and we will have some challenges making payroll. 

I wrote to the finance team and they have not responded (it has been 2 weeks).

What can I do here??????

Background & Timeline

  1. Apple had asked us to verify our company and account IDs and we did it
  2. Due to the verification they help our money from the end of Feb payout. 
  3. Now its end of March, we still don’t see an issued payment

1 reply

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Hi @Breakthrough Apps ,

Sorry to hear about this - we don't have a lot of insight into Apple’s payout process, but we'll leave this open for any other developers who might have experienced something like this. Hope you get this resolved soon.