App store review rejected due to "other payment mechanisms"

  • 4 October 2023
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In my app I pretty much copy & pasted the Paywall code from the revenuecat example. So far no issues were detected during test phase and the restore purchases works as well. However after submitting for review on Apple App Store the app was rejected due to (a violation of Guideline 3.1.1):

We noticed that your app includes or accesses paid digital content, services, or functionality by means other than in-app purchase, which is not appropriate for the App Store. Specifically:

- The subscriptions can be purchased in the app using payment mechanisms other than in-app purchase.


I’m not sure if this is related to using the revenuecat library or not, but I only have one way to buy the subscription and that’s via the button in the paywall. As “proof” of their claim they also included a screenshot which shows the loader overlay that’s shown while waiting for the ios native popup to show.


Anyone else that faced this issue before or any suggestions on how to “fix it”?

3 replies


@pander Hi, facing the same rejection. Did you manage to make your review successful?

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Do you have the Apple Pay Payment Processing capability in your app certificate? This could trigger this


I don’t think I have Apple Pay Payment Processing but I’m not 100% sure. I managed to solve this by just submitting the same binary again together with a comment that their statement about guideline 3.1.1 was incorrect. After a couple of resubmits of the exact same binary it eventually got approved.