Amazon IAP doesn't work

  • 12 November 2023
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In my Flutter app I am using ‘purchases_flutter’ (6.2.0) for IAP and everything is working fine with Google or Apple stores. However Amazon IAP is not working - getting following error when call ‘offerings = await Purchases.getOfferings();’:

‘Timeout error trying to get Amazon user data’

It seems that error returned from server side, any chance to clarify what can cause this error? I reviewed all configuration on both, RevenueCat and Amazon, everything seems according to docs.

4 replies

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Here is a troubleshooting guide that we have for when Offerings are not returned:


Can you also let me know the name of the project that this is impacting? It appears that you have multiple and I would like to make sure that I am investigating the correct one.


Also, Could you send debug logs that reproduce this? You can enable debug logs by following this guide. After they're enabled you'll see logs like this in the console:

[Purchases] - DEBUG: No cached entitlements, fetching
[Purchases] - DEBUG: GET /v1/subscribers/<APP_USER_ID> 200
[Purchases] - DEBUG: Purchaser info updated, sending to delegate

Please ensure the debug logs include the entire app life-cycle, including the messages printed during initialization of the SDK. The more information you include here, the better we'll be able to help.

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Thank you for looking onto this issue.

Project is Calculator.

Log attached, it is collected from Emulator, but app released to store has the same issue.

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Sorry for the delay. Are you using Live App Testing? Would you mind trying this with AppTester instead and letting me know if you are getting the same error? Here is the documentation:

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I am not using Live App Testing.

Issue is the same with real app released to Amazon and installed on real devices, app that is running on Emulator, app that is running on the test devices. I don’t think AppTester will help there.

It maybe just configuration issue (I reviewed RC configuration many times, could not see any issues, maybe missing something).

Is there a working example that I can replicate (including config)?

Also I can run real app released to Amazon and installed on real device, so you can take a look what is going on on the server side (error is ‘Timeout error trying to get Amazon user data’)