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  • 6 December 2022
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Hello, I’m having some difficulties with Amazon IAP and I’m wondering if I could use Revenue Cat to fix my problems… Only thing is, I downloaded the amazon zip and i’m very confused about it lol. How do i use this? 

I was trying to make IAP on my Amazon Firestick app with Unity, but it’s not getting any callbacks. App Tester says “Purchased” in the transactions, but it never fulfills the purchase. Nor does it call the purchase failed callback… If someone could help me either get revenue cat working or if someone has any insight into what i might be doing wrong that’d be great. I’ve been wondering if maybe I’m just not debugging it correctly, maybe the IAP works and App Tester is messing up or something. I am running it in sandbox mode, but… This is my script if anyone can figure it out from just this lol


1 reply

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Hey There! 


We have the following guide on getting products set up with Amazon here:


Once you have your products set up, you can follow this guide on integrating the products in your Application: