User in Croatia can't get family sharing working

  • 20 September 2021
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We have enabled family sharing but one of our users can’t get it to work. We have tried everything to help but can’t understand why it isn’t working. It is working for other customers.


For the specific user that made the purchase I can see that "country_code": null for the event data. For all other users I look at the country_code is not null. Could that be the problem and why is it null in that case?


(Not sure if I can post the link to the user in our dashboard here as it is public)


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Hey @Martin W!

I took a look into our database, and I can definitely confirm on our end that we have users with receipts that are being shared with family members for your app- so it looks like things are working as expected, which is a really good start.

Apple has indicated that it can take up to an hour after a purchase for it to be available for family members, but it's best to expect maybe a couple of hours. The user that wants access (the family member) should then 'restore purchases' to sync the receipt to our backend.

Ultimately, it’s tough to tell on our end what is happening since we don’t have much insight into whether or not family sharing is working until we actually receive the transaction in the user’s receipt. Has this user confirmed that they are indeed part of the family member’s iCloud Family? It may be a misunderstanding on the user’s end about how family sharing works.


We weren’t able to figure out why this particular user wasn’t able to restore family purchases, but other users were. If anyone else is having issues, please reach out to support and we’d be happy to look into this further.

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We have been investigating this for days before writing here:

  • Family sharing is usually working for our other users
  • The user has tried to recover purchases several days after the initial purchase was made
  • The user has sent screenshots showing they are part of the family in iCloud settings
  • The user has sent screenshots showing they have access to the subscription in iCloud settings
  • The user has sent screenshots showing that recovering purchases fails

It can probably also be a problem with Apple but we just wanted to check with you as well.

When I look at that transaction’s event data I can see it differ compared to other event data. For example the country is null which is not the case for other events. My question is if you can look into the specific user and see what is going on? How do I come in contact with your support as I don’t want to share specific user data here?

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The country attribute in RevenueCat is set from looking up the IP address so it’s possible this can be null if our IP database can’t resolve the country - it’s set independently of any Apple transaction information.