Segment charts by user property

  • 25 January 2024
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It would be great if we were able to choose user properties - including our own, custom added ones - for segmenting the charts. For example, we have an onboarding question that asks “where did you hear about us” to allow us to understand our funnels. We store it in the `heard_about_us` user property. It would be great if we could segment charts by that.

3 replies

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Hey @Thomas Walther !


I will go ahead and share this with the team as a feature request so we can hopefully implement something like this in  the future.


As of now, that functionality is not there, and the only workaround for tracking this data that I could suggest would be using custom subscriber attributes to store that value and then using scheduled data exports to see the value from your users. 


Let me know if that helps! 

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your answer. One chart in particular that I’m interested in is the conversion to paying by week. Because of delays on events due to trials (the convert subscription event coming a week after the start trial event), this is non-trivial to re-implement in tools like Amplitude.

How would I combine this chart with the custom subscriber attributes that I’ve set with scheduled data exports?


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Hey @Thomas Walther !


These wont be available in the charts sadly, you would need to most likely recreate that list from the Scheduled data export to show you data for conversion to paying by week only. 


You would need to do this simply by filtering out transactions that do not adhere to what you want to see and would need to be done manually.