No refund button in RevenueCat dashboard

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In the documents has been mentioned

Android purchases can be refunded directly through the RevenueCat dashboard.


I have performed a sandbox purchase (non-recurring, non-subscription) within the android/flutter app. The purchase was successful and I can see the purchase in RevenueCat dashboard ( customer: $RCAnonymousID:bfe8546d439b47bd849b2235e93f0e59 ) but there is no “refund” button neither in the dashboard overview page nor in the customer profile page. 

(From the logs:) 💰 Consuming purchase with token phibohcmjclffkpkopkjlbag.AO-J1Ozy9REJrpu5UcdtOteFugJtIsyz1xvq2566sMpGjELrSLh_N1QhoGjE9D82o7yt4qJRVjpbIt4MQm8Ofnmalg6fEBx2zg


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I finally found that it is located (hidden!) in Customer History in Customer Profile. User should hover the mouse on the sentence “Made a purchase of...” to reveal the “View detail” button.

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Hi @somebodyhere,

I’m glad you found it! Yea, maybe we can improve the placement. 

I’ll pass the feedback to the team.