New App: Difference between New Customers (High) and Active Subscriptions (Low) on dashboard

  • 29 March 2023
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Any help truly appreciated - a new app has launched today and the dashboard is looking a little strange.


All of the figures don’t match, but mainly the New Customers number is 216 and the Active Subscriptions is only 31… any suggestions as to why? TIA

4 replies

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Hey @RachelTLMH ,


New Customers displays the number of App User IDs created in the past 28 days. Multiple App User IDs aliased together will be counted as 1 New Customer.


Active Subscriptions displays the number of active paid subscriptions that are currently tracked in RevenueCat. This includes active paid subscriptions which may be cancelled, or within a grace period, until they expire.


What is most likely happening here is people are downloading the app and RC is detecting this, causing that metric of new customers to be updated. The people actually subscribing are being also detect in that new subscribers metric. Since not all new customers are active subscribers, these metrics will differ. 


You should expect the New Customer count in RevenueCat to be different than the download numbers provided by the respective store. However, if things seem drastically off, make sure you're identifying users correctly in RevenueCat.


I hope this explanation helps! 

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Thank you for your help!


@Michael Fogel why does the “New Customers” number changes retroactively?



  • On October 17, I see 985 New Customers for Oct 16
  • On October 19, I see 997 New Customers for Oct 16
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@Sylvain Gauchet It seems I'm experiencing the same issue. Have you discovered any solutions?

  • 6 may, I see 830 New Customers
  • 7 May, I see 893 New Customers

without any purchase