In RevenueCat Dashboard in iOS

  • 22 June 2023
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When i buy plan with different user but In RevenueCat Dashboard It show all user is same. It show current buy plan user.

5 replies

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There’s probably an issue with how you set up user identification in your SDK configuration. Is it possible that you’ve hardcoded a value when calling configure or logIn? Something like

Purchases.configure(withAPIKey: "appl_a1b2c3d4", appUserID: "john-doe")


Purchases.shared.logIn("john-doe") { (customerInfo, created, error) in
// customerInfo updated for my_app_user_id


If you don’t manage users in your own backend or in a different user management service, you will probably won’t need to use `logIn` or pass an `appUserID` to the configure method, and just use RevenueCat with Anonymous App User IDs.


Then how to give the appUserID

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If you hardcode a value for `appUserId` in `configure` or `logIn`, then all users will be identified as the same one. If you don’t have a user management system, you could completely ignore that and the SDK will generate anonymous `appUserId` automatically for each user, as explained in the docs:


If SDK will generate anonymous appUserId, then how can i detect the user in dashboard.

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Hi @pankaj-61eb8e 

We need to associate a purchase to a user. You can either use anonymous or non anonymous users. If you don’t set the ID of the user (on configuration or calling login), we we’ll generate an anonymous ID for that user.

If you use your own IDs, you have to make sure that you are associating the purchase to the corresponding user.

> how can i detect the user in dashboard .

You’ll have the customer list to see all the users. What do you want to see in particular for that user?