How To Reconcile the New Customers Data

  • 15 March 2022
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Hi Everyone,

I just started using revenue cat for my project, yesterday I migrated my old user data and total customers at the end of the day was around 4 thousand, but in the morning I saw a surge in new customers by 700, though my active subsscriptions and active trials count was the same. Does revenue cat takes time to process some receipts and add the customers later on ? Is there any way I can find out which customers were added during a given time window/ daily basis?

1 reply

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Hey @Rohit Choudhary!

The New Customers card is updated only around once per hour- so it’s possible that there was a delay.  If this count seem drastically off of what’s expected, make sure you're identifying users correctly in RevenueCat as this counter is the number of unique app user IDs created. This means that if you are calling `reset` or `logOut` from the SDK often, it could be generated anonymous identifiers that are inflating your count.

To filter users, you can create a Customer List and filter by first seen date: