Discrepancies between customers number in overview panel vs the one in customers panel

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In the overview panel I see a number of customer ( 398) that does not correspond to the one reported in panel customers (9) . Why there is such a difference? Thanks in advance to anyone that could provide support 

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Hey Francy,

Can you be a little more specific about which metrics don’t line up? There could be many reasons for this but I want to make sure I’m fully understanding the issue. If you want, you can take screenshots and redact any sensitive info, I’m just looking for specifically which metrics you’re looking at in the dashboard.

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Hi Sharif 

thank you for your reply but I think I’ve been able to understand the reason of the discrepancy:

Customers in overview section is the number of people that did install the app

and in Customer section I see the number of users that did complete the subscription action. 

Is my assumption correct?