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  • 8 October 2021
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we are just integrated revenue in our staging environment to test with sandbox users (iOS) and we are experiencing some delay in the dashboard. It takes several hours til our users are visible in the customers list of the dashboard. Is this normal? Does it have something to do with the missing forwarding of the apple push notification as described here? We were actually going to do this at a later step, but if it means the data arrives faster..

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3 replies

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Hey @Patrick Wozniak! The Overview page and “Recent Transactions” should be pretty close to real-time. The Customer Lists have a ~1hr cache so you will see some delays there when viewing lists.

The Apple server notifications will speed up the detection of unsubscribes, cancellations, etc. that are otherwise detected through polling - this shouldn’t have much impact while in sandbox.

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Hi @ryan ,

Thank you for your reply. But I’m confused.

The documentation says the following:

“Looking up customers in RevenueCat is real-time, as soon as a customer exists in RevenueCat they will be searchable here.”

Have I misunderstood something here or is this outdated?

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You can search for an individual customer in real-time, and their customer history will be up-to-date. When a Customer List is viewed, the result is cached so the same results will display for an hour.