Country and other data disappeared from Customer Details

  • 31 March 2023
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I noticed that fields like User country, Last seen app version, Last seen platform and several others recently disappeared from Customer Details page.
Any reason for this?
Any way to get it back?

Saved me a lot of time and effort

6 replies

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I’m seeing this too! Was about to open a thread on this as well.

To be exact, the missing details are:

  • Last Seen App Version
  • Country (though this shows up in the list, just not when you click in)
  • Last Seen Platform Version
  • Last Seen SDK Version
  • Last Seen Locale

Agreed with the original poster that these details are useful. Please add them back!

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We have the same problem. It was really useful.

Also, the number of customers per country seems to be way lower in the charts since a few days.

(e.g. Trial Conversions)

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Thank you all for the report and sorry for the inconvenience here. We had an issue with this metadata recently and are currently working to backfill it. I will come back here to update this when I have more information.

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Hi, just letting you know that engineering has finished backfilling this data so it should be populated now.

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Looks like it's missing again today 😥

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Looks like it's missing again today 😥

Seems like its back 😊