New approved IAP is not available in production app immediately

  • 24 January 2022
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I'm posting our experience to help clarify the (Apple) IAP release process for any other new developers.

Our app (v1) was live on the App Store with one IAP, a yearly subscription.  Yesterday we were approved to release v2, plus were approved for a new monthly subscription IAP.  We released the app almost immediately after approval.  After about 20 minutes, the new version was visible in the App Store.

However, after downloading the app, we noticed that only the original annual subscription was showing up in the app.  The new monthly IAP was not listed.  After checking everything out (see below), we decided to wait it out before any real debugging.  This morning, the app was listing both annual and monthly IAPs.  So, apparently it takes some time, measured in hours, for Apple to 'activate' the SKProducts.

 NOTE:  While the new IAP was unavailable in the app, the App Store listing was actually displaying both the annual and monthly options under:
       In-App Purchases (Yes)  
           My Yearly   $$
           My Monthly  $
  Things you can verify:
      - The "Ready for Sale" email states "The following in-app purchases have also been approved:"
      - App Store Connect shows the IAP is Approved.
      - You have checked off "Cleared for Sale" in App Store Connect.
      - You have selected the new Offering as Current in RevenueCat,  if necessary.

Hope this helps.

3 replies

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Hey @TBZ 

Thanks for sharing this for other developers to stumble upon! For any new Apple products, you do have to wait ~24 hours for them to propagate throughout Apple’s servers. For anyone else stumbling on this post, RevenueCat has this documented in our Launch Checklist: 

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Yes, thanks … I just stumbled across it and wonder if you can shed any light on the issue I’m getting.

I’ve just had my app accepted for the store. During sandbox and TestFlight testing the IAP purchase (annual auto-renewing sub) appeared fine and was working as expected. But now while pending developer release and using a promo code to download the free app for pre-launch testing, the offering is not being retrieved (not showing on my upgrade page).

I included the IAP for review with the app. The app was rejected, changed, and quickly resubmitted with a note to remind them to check the IAP again. In iTunes Connect the IAP is marked as approved and the cleared for sale checkbox is selected. The app is marked pending developer release. The “Your submission was successful” email from App Store Connect only lists the app under ‘Accepted items’. It doesn’t list the IAP.

I’ve changed nothing in RevenueCat entitlements, offerings, products etc. since successful TestFlight testing, so the offering is still selected as current.

Any ideas why my offering isn’t showing now in pre-launch production?

EDIT: It was approved almost a week ago and as of today is not showing the offering.


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Doh! I think I’ve found the answer on another community post. Would be great to have a second opinion though before I hit ‘release this version’ …


Mine is a new app release 1.0 so if that’s the issue, can we have an update to the referenced blog page about pre-launch testing please? It doesn’t mention there that pre-launch testing won’t work if it’s the first release and I think it’s a go to reference for us newbies.