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  • 22 October 2023
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I have a feature request which is going to help I think most of the developers who uses RC. 


I want to see my daily sales whenever I want like,


There must be box on the main page which will show, for example: 



Total new subs: 122 

Total renewed sub: 213


We are able to see new subs in chart of Active Subscriptions Movement, but it is not live. It doesn’t show the updated units at that moment and also it doesn’t show renewed ones. The chart also mentions the data as (incomplete).


To sum up, I wonder when we can have a feature like this, or do we already have it?

1 reply

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Hey @Ahmet Aziz Besli !


I have shared this with our team as a feature request in order to get some more eyes on this and hopefully implement something along these lines! 


Charts are updated regularly and do tell you how updated the data is. While this is not live, these updates do happen quite often across all of your charts and metrics in order to try and keep as accurate as a picture as possible for the time being.

The reason for the incomplete portion is because Apple/Google haven't finalized the data yet so we dont put it in yet until that is finalized. This is the reason that there will be some aspect of data that isn't complete yet.

Let me know if that helps!