Apple & Google Billing Error Emails

  • 21 April 2022
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Hi folks,

I know that Stripe can automatically send billing error emails. So if Stripe tries to charge a user’s card but it doesn’t work, Stripe can automatically email the user, asking them to update their card. This is simply configured in my Stripe settings. 

Do Apple or Google do this automatically as well? If not, I assume this is a good time to use RC’s billing_error event to trigger a customer email? Where would I direct them to? Tell them to open up their app store and update their payment method on file? Is there a link I can use to get them there, or is it that all I can do is tell them the steps?



2 replies

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Hello @tobysola1!

I’m not totally sure if an email is sent by the stores, but Apple does recommend in `Involuntary Churn` that when you detect a billing issue it’s a good opportunity to reach out to the customer with an in-app message or an email:

We include a `managementURL` property in CustomerInfo that is a link to the store for the user to manage their subscription:

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Thanks Cody! I’ll give this info to the developers and go from there.