What event is tracked when the user repurchase after they stop the subscription during free trial?

  • 20 October 2021
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Hello. We are sending events to Amplitude and Braze.

Corresponding to the document, I can know that when the user repurchases the auto-renewing subscription product after a lapse in their subscription, it sends “renewal”.

But, I am not sure this is also applied for the the free trial cancel case.

If the user stop subscription during the free trial, and then they repurchase again, in this case, it is also tracked as “renewal”?


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2 replies

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Hey @Daehoon Kim!

Yes- even if the user cancels during a free trial, a subsequent subscribe of the same product will be a renewal as they are no longer eligible for the trial/introductory price and already previously started the subscription.

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Hello. I checked the events by myself.

For the ios, if the user stop the subscription during free trial, and then repurchase it, it is tracked as “Trial Converted”.

For the Android, it is tracked as “Initial Purchase”.