Webhook came with huge delay (question for revenuecat it)

  • 24 August 2022
  • 3 replies

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Please have a look at this customer:

According to the history he bought a subscription with us on 19th August. But the webhook was fired today. This is a delay of 5 days which is totally unacceptable for an in app payment.

Please verify whether the buy date (19th Agust) is really true or an error

And if it is true, you have to make sure such delays won’t occur anymore. Such huge delays can make customers get really mad and make them want their money back.

3 replies

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Hi @Maurice , this purchase only reached the RevenueCat backend on the date that the webhook was dispatched, but the purchase date on the webhook is correct. It is possible that the customer made the transaction either while they had limited network access (so the transaction could not be successfully be sent to the RevenueCat backend), or that they purchased the subscription outside of the app (e.g., through the app store directly) and did not open the app, so the RevenueCat SDK had no chance of sending it to the RevenueCat backend. 

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Thank you for your reply @Jens  So if I get you right, this issue might not be so serious, because the customer was probably not online anyway?

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That would be my explanation, yes (and they might have seen some kind of error message when purchasing, depending on how and when the network connection failed).