Stripe Integration | RC auto-connects Stripe product even though it already exists in RC Dashboard

  • 28 June 2024
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In our old question there was a reply stating we’ve duplicate products & some of them has no entitlements. Unfortunately, the question’s comments were blocked for some reason so we couldn’t reply there. It’s true that we had duplicate products but those products were never connected through the dashboard nor we used the API to add them.

They appear after we successfully submit stripe subscription id as fetch_token to While product with same stripe product id already exists in the RC dashboard.


We’re not sure why and how that’s happening. But it may be worth mentioning, we’re listening to the invoice.paid as we’re using stripe checkout session which automates a lot of stuff. But it shouldn’t matter because we’re submitting the correct subscription id.


For further clarification, this is how we’re handling creating stripe session:

And this how we’re sending the Stripe subscription id to RC servers


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