slack sends notifications for old purchases

  • 10 June 2024
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Slack occasionally (2-3 times per day) sends notifications about purchases that happened before RC integration (a few years ago purchases).

I have an Android app and started using RC a few months ago.

Slack sends me notifications about purchases which are just purchased, but also for purchases from a few years ago.

I don't see any pattern, but the attached screenshot was captured at 6am on June 10th, 2024. You can see slack sent a purchase that happened in 2022.






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2 replies

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Hi @orangutan,


Thank you for your message. Do you know if these are initial purchases or renewal ones? Is it possible to get the JSON event in this case?



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They are initial purchases happened in a few years ago as I didn’t have renewable product at that time.

Please instruct me how to get the JSON event.