Short Expiration Windows



We noticed when testing the RevenueCat subscription, the expiration window is very short. Here's an example of a webhook payload registering a successfully initial purchase. Note that the event time is "Thu Jun 16 2022 10:45:08 GMT-0700 " and expiration time is "Thu Jun 16 2022 11:45:02 GMT-0700". What seems to happen is that after that window, we are forced to go through the subscription user journey again. Is there any to not have the subscription auto-expire in such a short window?

  "api_version": "1.0",
  "event": {
    "aliases": [
    "app_id": "app858c963db5",
    "app_user_id": "d8d53812-6c9f-46a5-9502-bbb25e37bfe6",
    "country_code": "US",
    "currency": "USD",
    "entitlement_id": null,
    "entitlement_ids": [
    "environment": "SANDBOX",
    "event_timestamp_ms": 1655401508154,
    "expiration_at_ms": 1655405102000,
    "id": "85792F2C-5A17-4386-9796-E478F61A621E",
    "is_family_share": false,
    "offer_code": null,
    "original_app_user_id": "$RCAnonymousID:7a56d17ff84b4c0bbd29054eeb2422fa",
    "original_transaction_id": "2000000082018805",
    "period_type": "TRIAL",
    "presented_offering_id": null,
    "price": 0,
    "price_in_purchased_currency": 0,
    "product_id": "LSS.Atlas_Mate_DEV.monthly",
    "purchased_at_ms": 1655401502000,
    "store": "APP_STORE",
    "subscriber_attributes": {
      "email": {
        "updated_at_ms": 1655399914897,
        "value": ""
    "takehome_percentage": 0.7,
    "transaction_id": "2000000082018805",
    "type": "INITIAL_PURCHASE"

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