Short Expiration Windows

  • 16 June 2022
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We noticed when testing the RevenueCat subscription, the expiration window is very short. Here's an example of a webhook payload registering a successfully initial purchase. Note that the event time is "Thu Jun 16 2022 10:45:08 GMT-0700 " and expiration time is "Thu Jun 16 2022 11:45:02 GMT-0700". What seems to happen is that after that window, we are forced to go through the subscription user journey again. Is there any to not have the subscription auto-expire in such a short window?

  "api_version": "1.0",
  "event": {
    "aliases": [
    "app_id": "app858c963db5",
    "app_user_id": "d8d53812-6c9f-46a5-9502-bbb25e37bfe6",
    "country_code": "US",
    "currency": "USD",
    "entitlement_id": null,
    "entitlement_ids": [
    "environment": "SANDBOX",
    "event_timestamp_ms": 1655401508154,
    "expiration_at_ms": 1655405102000,
    "id": "85792F2C-5A17-4386-9796-E478F61A621E",
    "is_family_share": false,
    "offer_code": null,
    "original_app_user_id": "$RCAnonymousID:7a56d17ff84b4c0bbd29054eeb2422fa",
    "original_transaction_id": "2000000082018805",
    "period_type": "TRIAL",
    "presented_offering_id": null,
    "price": 0,
    "price_in_purchased_currency": 0,
    "product_id": "LSS.Atlas_Mate_DEV.monthly",
    "purchased_at_ms": 1655401502000,
    "store": "APP_STORE",
    "subscriber_attributes": {
      "email": {
        "updated_at_ms": 1655399914897,
        "value": ""
    "takehome_percentage": 0.7,
    "transaction_id": "2000000082018805",
    "type": "INITIAL_PURCHASE"

1 reply


Hi @Mark Fleishman 


Sorry for the late response, I see that you are using the sandbox. Have you gone through the documentation already for Sandbox Testing? For reference this behaviour is intentional to generate accelerated data for testing the subscriptions lifecycles.


In the the sandbox environment, subscription renewals happen at an accelerated rate, and auto-renewable subscriptions renew a maximum of six times per day. This enables you to test how your app handles a subscription renewal, a subscription lapse, and a subscription history that includes gaps.

Because of the accelerated expiration and renewal rates, sometimes not all renewals are reflected in the RevenueCat customer dashboard.


What is causing you go through the user journey again?